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Trend Alert! Undermount Lighting

Updated: Apr 5

You're unique - so why shouldn't your countertops be? Undermount lighting is a simple way to elevate your kitchen, bar, or bathroom vanity countertops from traditional to a true statement piece!

How does undermount lighting work?

Before your countertops are installed, they are backlit with LED lighting. This is typically done by a professional lighting company or lighting installation specialist, whom we will work closely with throughout the process.

Which material works best for undermount lighting?

For best results, you will want a material with a high level of translucency that will allow the lighting underneath to really shine through. We recommend onyx or quartzite, but there are a variety of natural and manmade stone materials that will work.

Whichever material you choose, the most important thing to do is make sure to test its natural translucency. You can do this by holding a light source (your cell phone flashlight will do the trick!) behind your chosen surface. Ideally, the light should shine evenly through and across the surface.

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